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Media Exposure



19.12.2017 RUAG Australia - commited to Research and development (Okuma)

RUAG Australia growing Australian defence industry capability (Australian Government Department of Defence)

02.10.2017 Additive Materials (ADM)
01.08.2017 Victoria bullish on LAND 400 capabilities (Defence Connect)
12.07.2017 Double win for queensland's heat Treatment Australia (Pyne-Online)

QLD company in the prime of its life (Defence Connect)

29.06.2017 From the Source, John Teager (ADM)

Singapore Center Part Of New Parker Support Focus (AIN Online)


Building the capability of Australia’s defence industry (BAE Systems)

06.06.2017 VIC SMEs Chosen for Land 400 (ADM)
06.06.2017 BAE Systems Australia announces Victoria teamings for LAND 400 (Jane's 360)
06.06.2017 Victorian SMEs selected by Land 400 contender (Defence Connect)
18.04.2017 Unique Technology from RUAG earns federal grant (knox business life)
11.04.2017 Local RUAG boffins prove wing repair Technology (ADM)

RUAG Australia proves SPD technology restores structural integrity and wins Best Written Paper Award at 17th AIAC (Global Military Communications)


RUAG Australia proves SPD Technology restores structural integrity (BartInternational)
15.03.2017 RUAG receives STC for advanced solution on Italian aircraft (Defence Connect)
02.03.2017 RUAG propses light SAR Option (ADM)

Victoria cashing in on Australian Joint Strike Fighter production program (Harald Sun)

27.01.2017 Top 40 Contractors (ADM)