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26.11.2020 RUAG releases limited edition Hornet models (Australian Defence Magazine) 
30.10.2020 RUAG Australia tapped by US Navy for MH-60R Seahawk support (Defence Connect)
29.10.2020 RUAG Australia secures new US MH-60R Seahawk contract (Australian Defence Magazine)
29.10.2020 RUAG Australia secures new US Navy MRO contract for MH-60R Seahawk (Asia Pacific Defence Reporter)
20.10.2020 RUAG secures international patents (Australian Defence Magazine)
16.10.2020 RUAG Australia awarded patents for additive technology (APDR)
16.10.2020 RUAG Australia secures patents for additive technology (Defence Connect)
15.10.2020 RUAG Australia Achieves International Patents for Additive Technology Solution (Aviation Pros)
17.09.2020 RUAG Australia delivers real time Global Supply Chain improvements for the F-35 Program thanks to Industry 4.0 improvements (Aviation Pros)
17.09.2020 RUAG Centre of Excellence utilising Industry 4 0 approach (Australian Defence Magazine)
17.09.2020 RUAG Australia delivers supply chain improvements for the F-35 (Asia Pacific Defence Reporter)
01.09.2020 RUAG Australia awarded first contracts by US Navy for MRO of selected F/A-18 components in APAC region (Aviation Pros)
31.08.2020 RUAG awarded first US Hornet MRO contracts (Australian Defence Magazine)
31.08.2020 Melbourne firm wins MRO contract for US F/A-18 (Australian Aviation) 
31.08.2020 RUAG Australia receives first contracts to support US Navy F/A-18 Hornets in APAC (Defence Connect)


Military Vehicle & Aircraft Protection Systems Market Comprehensive Evaluation of the Market via in Depth Qualitative Insights by 2025 (Galus Australis)

27.07.2020 RUAG benefits from defence grant (ADM)
21.07.2020 Headlines (ADM)
17.07.2020 Defence Global Competitiveness Grant to benefit Aussie F-35 supplier (Defence Connect)
16.07.2020 RUAG Australia benefits from Defence grant (Mirage News)
14.07.2020 Industry and science step up as keys to national security (@AuManufacturing)
08.07.2020 Australia Supports Boeing’s Loyal Wingman Australian Industry Team (Defence-Aerospace)
08.07.2020 A Research Journey into a Novel Surface Coating Technology (ACGR)
16.06.2020 Australia awards eight contracts under defence innovation programme (Army Technologie)
04.06.2020 RUAG Australia upgrades manufacturing centre to industry 4.0 standards (AMT)
26.05.2020 RUAG provides details on SICP grant win (ADM)
12.05.2020 Let’s talk about the recent roll out of the first Loyal Wingman unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Australia (The Aviationist)
07.05.2020 Boeing presents first Loyal Wingman (ADM Defence Week)

RUAG Australia Supports Boeing’s Loyal Wingman Australian Industry Team (Aviation Pros)

05.05.2020 First RAAF Loyal Wingman unmanned combat system rolled out (ADBR)

First Airpower Teaming System unmanned aircraft roll-out a win for Australian industry (Defence Connect)

30.04.2020 RUAG Australia upgrades manufacturing centre to Industry 4.0 standards (ADM)
30.04.2020 Defence Week Premium Edition (ADM)
30.04.2020 Defence Week Premium Edition Tenders (ADM)

RUAG Australia – ‘Moving to Industry 4.0’ (MRO Business Today)

22.04.2020 RUAG Australia expands industry 4.0 manufacturing centre for JSF (Defence Connect)
21.04.2020 Latest SICP grants announced (Australian Defence Magazine)
21.04.2020 $5m SICP funding package unveiled (Defence Connect)

RUAG Australia upgrades Victorian F-35 component manufacturing facility (APDR)

20.04.2020 Building our defence industry capability (Australian Government)
08.04.2020 Behold Boeing's Loyal Wingman Drone It Is Building For The Royal Australian Air Force (The Drive)
13.02.2020 First fuselage completed for Loyal Wingman (ADM)
12.02.2020 Boeing Australia achieves milestone in military aircraft build (Manufacturers' Monthly)
11.02.2020 Boeing Australia completes rst Loyal Wingman Fuselage (AerotechNews)
11.02.2020 Boeing Australia completes first Loyal Wingman fuselage (Aerospace)
10.02.2020 Boeing Australia completes rst 'Loyal Wingman' fuselage (Intellingent Aerospace)
31.01.2020 RUAG International achieves first component repairs on RAAF F_A 18F Super Hornet (APDR)
28.01.2020 RUAG Australia upgrades manufacturing facilities (Manufactures' monthly)
27.01.2020 RUAG Australia upgrades production facilities (Jane's)
24.01.2020 RUAG upgrades hydraulic centre for F-35 work (ADM)
24.01.2020 RUAG Expands F-35 Actuator Capabilities (Australian Manufacturing)
23.01.2020 RUAG upgrades Aussie Hydraulic Actuator Centre of Excellence (Defence Connect)

RUAG International Ensures Higher Manufacturing Throughput for F-35 and JSF Program Supply Chains (AVIATIONPROS)


RUAG MRO International Establishes Australian Wildfire Relief Fund (EVA)


RUAG Australia Establishes Wildfire Relief Fund Benefiting Injured Wildlife (AVIATIONPROS)

09.01.2020 Top 20 SMEs 2019 (ADM)


12.10.2019 Annual Report DMTC - Key Messages Industry
12.11.2019 Down Under  Additive and Component Specialist (MRO Network)

RUAG Australia polishes sustainment credentials as RAAF P-3C Orions retire (Defence Connect)

02.10.2019 RUAG Australia wins Lockheed Martin certification (AMT)

Accolades flow for excellence in materials and manufacturing (DMTC)

02.08.2019 New sustainment agreement signed for F-35s (ADM)
31.07.2019 RUAG Australia’s Wingfield Surface Finishing Centre Earns Lockheed Martin Certification (AviationPros)
18.07.2019 RUAG Australia unveils new paint booth for F-35s (ADM)
18.07.2019 F-35 program to benefit from RUAG Australia's new paint booth facility (Defence Connect)
12.07.2019 RUAG Australia unveils new capability for its accredited surface finishing facility for high-specification / highstandard delivery to aerospace and defense programs (AviationPros)
16.06.2019 Ruag Showcases Space, MRO and Aerostructures Capabilities (AINonline)
13.06.2019 RUAG, Defence unveil Laser Additive Deposition for high-strength steel repairs (AMTIL)
23.05.2019 Keeping the ADF in the air (ADM)
16.05.2019 RUAG Australia awarded Defence Industry Service Commendation (DefenceConnect)
15.05.2019 Victorian manufacturers shine at 2019 Hall of Fame Awards (MirageNews)
15.05.2019 RUAG employee wins award for repair tech (ADM)
15.05.2019 RUAG Australia Awarded Australia Defence Industry Service Commendation for Contributions in Supersonic Particle Deposition (AviationPros)

RUAG Australia solidifies collaboration with Honeywell (Defence Connect)


RUAG and Honeywell deepen collaboration (ADM)


Industry 4.0 strikes forth from jet fighter contract (In Daily)


RUAG Australia proves the use of SPD for restoring aircraft skin structures (Asian Military Review)

19.03.2019 JSF to help test new supply chain digitisation (Defence Connect)

Hornet repaired using laser additive deposition (ADM)


RUAG Australia and DoD complete additive repair project (Janes 360)


RUAG Australia and Defence unveil laser additive deposition capability (Defence Connect)


Avalon Airshow Ministerial announcements in overdrive (ADM)


Government announcement bonanza at day 2 of Avalon (Defence Connect)


F-35 Program industry participation (Australian Government DoD)

20.02.2019 RUAG Australia Gets EASA Part 145 Nod (AINonline)
20.02.2019 Prompt services to all operatiors in Australia (Altitudes)

Ruag Australia Certified As Easa Part 145 Maintenance Organization (BartInternational)

20.02.2019 RUAG Australia Certified as EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organization (AviationPros)

Australian industry wins more work on Joint Strike Fighter

08.02.2019 RUAG Australia launches new support facility (Defence Connect)
07.02.2019 RUAG opens new paint facility (ADM)
23.01.2019 Laser tech the next step for aircraft repairs (ADM)
02.01.2019 Australia Looks to Additive Technology to Reduce Aircraft Repair Costs
02.01.2019 RUAG Australia leads exploration of laser metal deposition for military aircraft repair