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Focusing on precision manufacturing, sustainment and job growth in Victoria helped us earn our Company Induction into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame in 2019

Investing in strengthening our relationships and honing our operations lead us to the award, Leader in Global supply Chain Partnerships for the 2019 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

Meet Nicholas Orchowski, Research Engineer, and Young Manufacturer of the Year in the 2019 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

Witness our precision manufacturing capabilities for F-35 components.

High performance. Your aircraft components, our fully automated Paint Booth. We’re invested in your Fleet Availability. Aerospace Components Finishing at Wingfield.

Australian industry participation in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program

Experience new technology advancements in component repairs. Improve availability and reduce budgetary expenditure with Laser Additive Deposition.

Follow our journey of continuous improvement

Learn about how SPD-Technology is revolutionizing component MRO

Witness our prearations for the new JSF processing capabilities