As an Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO), RUAG is an efficient and professional partner whose focus is its customers’ success and safety.

Investigative and problem solving capabilities are the foundation of RUAG Australia’s engineering services. Combined with outstanding engineering competencies, RUAG Australia offers innovative design solutions to satisfy all aspects of all demands – specifications, reliability, time and Budget.


Better customer component reliability and affordability is achieved through innovative applications engineering. Customers rely on RUAG Australia for its core engineering expertise in aeronautics, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, materials and processing. 

The engineering tools include:

Engineering Management System

RUAG Australia’s approach to the provision of Engineering Support is described by its Engineering Management Plan which provides the basis for RUAG Australia integrating appropriately qualified, trained, experienced and authorised people with controlled and approved data through the use of controlled and approved processes.

RUAG Australia’s Engineering Management Plan has been approved by the Technical Airworthiness Regulator (TAR).

Safety Management System

RUAG Australia operates a Safety Management System (SMS) that complies with the Australian Defence Force’s Technical Airworthiness Regulations (TAREG 3.7) and the Australian Defence Force’s Airworthiness Design Requirements Manual. RUAG Australia’s SMS is designed to identify, evaluate and control the impact of hazards. It seeks to ensure zero accidents and the delivery of safe, reliable products to customers. 

Design Engineering

RUAG Australia’s Design Engineering aims to provide engineering support to manufacturing, maintenance, repair and metal finishing activities. RUAG Australia’s dedicated team of experienced engineers uses a broad range solid modelling packages and analytical software to develop and review changes as well as conduct configuration management of design changes. 

Continuous Improvement and Conformance 

Continuous improvement is about the entire organisation and everything it does. RUAG Australia’s Continuous Improvement and Conformance plan is designed to increase quality and quantity performance, reduce performance variation and eliminate waste. As the Partner of Choice for customers, RUAG Australia commits itself to constantly improve product and service quality as well as turn-around times.